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EU to lift China's textile certificate of origin for verification

Date:2015-04-09 16:33:45

July 24, Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce Quota License Bureau issued "on the stop lose EU textile certificate issued emergency notice", according to the 2011 EU Regulation No. 955, issued since 2011 October 24 the date of the removal of China's exports to the EU special certificate of origin for all textile categories verification that the export of textile products to the EU member states do not need to issue a certificate of origin of textiles.

Remind the EU textiles business of the companies, since October 24, 2011, Commerce Department License Bureau and the relevant provincial competent commercial administrations issuing authorities have stopped issuing "lose EU textile certificate", "EU manual transmission products certificate "," certificate of Silk and Jute Products Exported to EU ", but the food safety system issued by the CCPIT and textile exports to the EU still need to apply for a certificate of origin.

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