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Suzhou Hengxiang accelerate the "going global"

Date:2015-04-09 16:32:42

August 29, Suzhou and Suzhou Wenqi Import and Export Group Import and Export Co. held a forum to establish international brand operations, overseas marketing networks, channels of cooperation and foreign trade enterprises "going out" risk prevention and so launched a frank and warm exchanges and discussions. Chairman of Suzhou Import & Export Group and affiliated companies, general manager of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce deputy director Wang Zhiming, Director Wu Jie, Suzhou Wenqi import and export company management team participated in the forum.

Wenqi Export Co., Ltd. was founded in Suzhou in 2006, the Main "VINCHI" brand home appliances import and export trade. By the end of 2010, the company's sales network has covered more than 2000 supermarkets in Central and Eastern Europe. Wenqi not have their own factories, production is completely outsourced, the core business is operating its own international brands. During mid-April this year, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Comrade Jiang Hongkun led a delegation to Italy, Poland, Hungary study visits, field trips, Suzhou Wenqi own brand VINCHI series appliances in Hungary supermarket showcase area, to Wenqi highly appreciated, he said: "going out" is an important part of an open economic transformation and upgrading is an inherent requirement of enterprise development and the inevitable trend of economic promotion of effective promoter. Wenqi practice for the city's foreign trade transformation and upgrading to explore a new direction for the brand's international operations.

At the meeting, chairman of Suzhou Wenqi Wenqi Zhao Yu Details of the company's brand management in Europe, the Suzhou Wenqi Suzhou Export Group Management Team and the participants on the overseas marketing development, international brand building and other topics of mutual interest to expand We had a full exchange. Sun Lei, chairman of Suzhou Import & Export Group, said: "Wenqi" model for foreign trade enterprises to upgrade to provide a good inspiration, the idea is to change on the model of innovation, hoping to strengthen cooperation with Suzhou Wenqi, resource sharing interests win, while government departments to support enterprises to "go" made a number of recommendations. Suzhou Wang Zhiming, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said, "Wenqi" mode is a concrete manifestation of the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises, is of great significance, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce foreign trade enterprises "going out" will be given full support, I hope to work with Suzhou Suzhou Import and Export Group Wenqi import and export companies reached concrete cooperation, implementation of brand management, jointly explore the international market.

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