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Suzhou Hengxiang held in the first half of 2011 summing up the work will be

Date:2015-04-09 16:32:07

July 26, the group held a summary of the work will be the first half of 2011. Each company chairman and general manager, Group General Manager's Office and the Department members middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

Summary of the meeting, the company executives to work in the first half and second half of the arrangements made serious review and exchange. Group Huang Wei, deputy general manager of domestic and foreign trade situation to the last stage of a comprehensive analysis, explained the challenges and opportunities in the new situation of foreign trade enterprises will face. Sun Lei, chairman of the group in the first half summarized the work: the first half of the Group total imports and exports totaled $ 710 million, total import and export volume hit a record high group, more than half of the successful completion of the double task. Group's sustained and stable economic growth, a comprehensive asset quality has been improved, while in basic management and spiritual civilization construction has been continuously strengthened, the work has made comprehensive and coordinated development, achieve a "share is not reduced, not rank after the shift, quality more promotion. "

Sun Lei, chairman of the further work to do in the second half, put forward four requirements: First, to strengthen the main industry, to ensure the continued growth; second, continuous innovation, speed up transformation and upgrading; third, strengthen management, enhance risk prevention; Fourth It is to strengthen team building, foster corporate culture.

The convening of the conference will help the Group to further clarify the direction of development of foreign trade, actively promote the work carried out smoothly, complete the annual task. (Group press office)

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