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  • Name: General Infusion Set

Above infusion sets are just some frequently used models, actually we can make infusion sets of all models at clents' request.

ABS spike (with/without airinlet; with/without wings); With protective cap; Drip chamber; 150cm standard PVC tube or more as requested.

Nomal drops (20 drops/ml) or microdrops (60 drops/ml with tiny stainless steel tube); with or without solution filter.

With or without injection site ( For those with injection site, there are "latex flash ball" and " Y-shape injection port" for choice.

Flow regulator (Roller clamp model or precise regulator); Luer tip or luer lock or cone(6:100) adaptor.

With / without needle. (For those with needle, there are "syringe needle with cap" and "scalp vein set needle with cap" for choice)