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  • Name: Disposable Blood Bag

Anticoagulant: CPDA-1, CPD, SAGM, No anticoagulant

Specifications: Single Bag, Double Bag, Triple Bag, Quadruple Bag

Optional Acessories:

Tube Holder; "Y" injection port; In-line Leukocyte Reduction Filter; Outletr ports(twist off / tear off);

Platelet storage bag(for 3-5 days);

Any volume of primary bag and satellite bag; Blood Sampling Devices etc.

Bag Material: A: blow-extruded PVC film; B: Rolled PVC film. Both are made of high transparent PVC of Medical Grade.

Tube: 150-200cm(up to request), soft and flexible kink resistant

Donor Needle: 14G/16G/17G (with protective cap)

Packing: Each set packed in one PE or PET compounded vacuum pouch; 3 to 5 sets packed in one aluminum foil compounded pouch, and then 3-5 sets packed in one carton

Sterile: Steam