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  • Name: Disposable Silicon Foley Catheter

With X-Ray detectable line(Radio Opaque); With / without stylet; With hard plastic valve

Different color coded for different size

Sizes: 1-way: Fr.6, Fr.7, Fr.8, Fr.10, ..., Fr.32; Tube length: 27cm, No ballon;

          2-way paediatric: Fr.8, Fr.10; Tube length: 27cm, Ballon size: 3/5ml

          2-way Standard(Adult): Fr.12, Fr.14, Fr.16, ..., Fr.24, Tube length: 40cm; Ballon Size: 5/10/30ml

          3-way Standard(Adult): Fr.16, Fr.18, Fr.20, ..., Fr.26; Tube length: 40cm; Ballon Size: 30ml

          4-way, 5-way are also available

Individual Package: PE bag / paper-PE peel pack; Mid-package: Papercard box, 10pcs/box

Sterile: EO