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  • Name: Compact First Aid Kit

This kit is popular with hikers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in general. It fits well in a backpack or hooks over a belt, consisting of almost everything you'll need on the trail for minor cuts and abrasions.


The kit consists of:

3* Antiseptic wipes (BZK)

6* Adhesive bandage 19*72mm

1* Knuckle bandage

1* Fabric stripes 6cm*10cm

2* Fingertip bandage

1* Gauze bandage 5cm*4.5m

1* Gauze bandage 7.5cm*4.5m

2* Sterile gauze swab 7.5*7.5cm

1* Adhesive tape 1.25cm*2.5m

1* Triangular bandage 96*96*136cm

1* Pair of scissors

1* Vinyl gloves (powder free)

12* Safety pins

1* Pocket first aid guide