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  • Name: AUTO First Aid Kit

Din standard Vehicle First Aid Kit is an essential item especially when you travel abroad, ensuring that you comply with laws of most European countries which stipulate that a first aid kit is a must for all vehicles. The kit is very convenient with its foldable package which meanwhile allows quick access to medical care when you are in urgent needs. Multilingual instructions for all products. The kit complies with DIN 13164 European standard for automotive first aid kits.


Kit Size: 23*23*6cm


The kit consists of:

1* Adhesive Tape DIN13019-A 5*2.5

2* Wet Wipes to clean uninjured skin

1*14 pieces Band-Aid set contains:

    4* Adhesive Bandage, elastic DIN 13019-E 10*6cm

    2* Finger Bandage

    2* Finger Bandage 12cm*2cm

    2* Plaster Strip 1.9cm*7.2cm

    4* Plaster Strip 2.5cm*7.2cm

1* First Aid Packages, DIN 13151-K, elastic 6*8cm*4m

1* First Aid Packages, DIN 13151-G, elastic 10*12cm*4m

2* First Aid Packages, DIN 13151-M, elastic 8*10cm*4m

1* First Aid Dressing, DIN 13152 A, 60*80cm

1* First Aid Dressing, DIN 13152 BR, 40*60cm

2* Elastic Bandage, DIN 61634 FB 6cm*4m

3* Elastic Bandage, DIN 61634 FB 8cm*4m

3* Wound Compresses 10*10cm

2* Triangular Bandage, DIN 13168-D, 96*96*136cm

2* Emergency Blanket 160*210cm

1* Pair of Scissors, DIN 58279-A 145

1* Pack of Disposable Gloves EN 455, size L, 4pcs/pack

1* First Aid Guide